Partnerschools during a pandemic

Partnerschools has been active serving children, teachers and entire communities during the 2020/21 school year.  We have hosted 12 virtual songwriting workshops that resulted in video clips of original songs, composed and performed by hundreds of children.  We have sponsored a visual art collaboration between two schools, observing strict COVID protocol.  We have hosted numerous virtual field trips, a safe sing along, time with our cultural ambassador, and we have produced many virtual lessons.

In this new school year, we are committed to continuing our work in a safe and sensible fashion.  Our staff is in close contact with teachers and school administrators, and we are creating exciting opportunities to keep all children connected and engaged!  Stay tuned!

What's Inside

Let there be Love

The Pandemic Zoo

Dancing with the Wind

The Lockdown Blues

The Weird Pandemic

The Virus

Every Day Emotions

More than Olympians

Virtual Lessons

Join our starter teacher at Rucker Elementary School, Rebecca Heath-Miller, for her virtual lessons.

Count On Me (Partnerschools and The Women's Fund)

Please help us assist our neighbors during this difficult time!

COVID-19: Food for our Partnerschool neighbors

So many of our partnerschool families are struggling to have food on the table during these trying times.  Please help us assist these neigbors with grocery gift cards. ♥️ 

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