Yellowstone College Prep and Presbyterian School

This partnerschip is in their fourth year of collaboration. The first year marked Partnerschools' first Visual Art collaboration: Our Artist-in-Residence, Lia Rodi, along with the wonderful teachers, curated a creative and safe visual art collaboration during the pandemic. During the second year, we became even more creative and facilitated a collaboration between Presbyterian Art and Yellowstone Music. This school year will be an exciting year of music and visual art, field trips and more for both schools!

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  • Leslie Wade


    Leslie Wade

    Leslie Wade received her BA from Baylor University in Art History and Political Science, with graduate work in Museum Studies. Her past work experience has included staff at Baylor University, youth art instructor, Assistant Director of an art gallery and nine years as a Museum Educator at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She presently teaches hands-on Museum District Classes and Art and Architecture 

  • Jorvan Butler


    Jorvan Butler

    I am a native of Memphis Tennessee where I was raised and groomed deeply in the music community of gospel roots, jazz, classical, Blues, R&B and Hip-Hop as it was taking its place in the American (Eastern Culture). Being born of Freddie C. Butler Sr. (father) in 1975 who was a musician and songwriter at time helped motivate me. Mtyh: My mother was taking piano lessons while she was with child and some believe that reading or singing to a child in the womb helps to stimulate the child’s mind. One would say this is where it started.

    Jorvan Butler grew up in a very musical but also competitive city. It was either sink or swim. Jorvan picked up the nickname ‘Jay B’ from a coach in his middle school days. Jorvan was very athletic growing up so it wasn’t odd to see how he blended in the competitive field.  Being related to a few musical celebrities such as MC Hammer, Lena Horne and Jerry Butler the blues singer. He played tuba and lower brass instruments in the band in middle and high school which is where he learned how to read music. This stuck with him all the way to college leading him to a scholarship in band with 6 offers. Jay B chose the acceptance to GSU which he later gained a scholarship in the Symphonic Band and then the University Choir. While Jorvan was receiving his bachelor's degree in Drafting & Designing Engineering he had some offers to go on tour with some big name groups. After his 3rd year of college he decided to drop out of Grambling State University to pursue the music industry. Although he had tons of fun while being in the industry like many other musicians, he had been taken advantage of financially. After a short period of that Jay B realized that he needed to finish college so he went back and completed his degree and graduated in 2000. He now serves as a Middle School Band teacher; a Minister of Music/Music Director of a worship center; produces and runs a studio. He is a proud father of 3. Corey (son), India (middle child daughter) and Jordan (youngest daughter).