This group will begin collaborating in the school year 2023/24.  Stay tuned for bucket drumming, field trips and more...

  • Will Taylor


    Will Taylor

    Will is a motivated Artist and Educator originally from Dallas, Texas. Known for being one who uses his full experience in the arts to pour into children, his classroom seems to reflect the enthusiasm and passion his background provides! Will Taylor has been in the transitional classroom close to a decade now, but also has an extensive history in training youth in the arts, children’s theatre, and youth ministry/camp in various religious settings! He has been a theatre teacher, performance, teacher, and mostly a general music teacher. He currently serves as the Music Teacher and Department Chair of Enrichment at KIPP Unity Primary School in Houston, Texas. He loves connecting with his students and families, the uniqueness that comes with this community, and the creativity he is able to explore & incorporate because of the diversity present!

  • Seth Rowoldt

    Annunciation Orthodox School Teacher

    Seth Rowoldt

    Seth Rowoldt has led an impressive career as a music professional and teacher in his over 20 years working in the music industry. He has a Bachelor’s of Music in Percussion Performance from The University of Kansas and a Master’s of Music in Percussion Performance from Rice University. While attending these schools, he participated in numerous instrumental and vocal groups and played a variety of instruments. He has a vibrant energy and enjoys challenging students to reach their full potential. When not performing or teaching, Seth enjoys cycling and enjoying time with his wife and children.